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Revival | Half Day Sunday

Sunday Afternoon Admission

  • Description

    Perfect for those new to Revival who want to get a flavour of the event or regulars who can’t make the full day, our Afternoon Ticket offers you the chance to experience the event from 1300hrs into the evening.

    Once you've collected your ticket from any of the ticket collection points, Afternoon Ticket holders will still experience the renowned action on the track, as well as the other key attractions across the event, including Over the Road which remains open until 2100hrs.

    Please note, for those arriving after 1530hrs, some roads are closed due to traffic leaving the Revival site. Please follow the signs as you arrive. You can see the route in on page 5 of the parking guide here.

    What's included?

    • Entry from 1300hrs
    • Access Over the Road from 1300hrs
    • Enjoy the afternoon races, including the Stirling Moss Trophy into dusk
    • Access to all the afternoon off-track festivities
    • Free parking

    Not included

    • Grandstand access
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Sunday 19 September 2021
Experience everything Revival has to offer from 13:00hrs, including all the off-track celebrations and surprises, culminating in a spectacular one-hour race into the sunset before the Over the Road evening jollities begin.
Description Price Qty
Adult £45.00
Yng Per (13-21) £22.50
Child (0-12) £0.00
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