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  • Adrenaline Flight Experiences

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    Adrenalin Flight Experiences

    Take an unforgettable adrenaline flying experience. Test your nerve with aerobatic manoeuvres, formation flying, tail chasing and air combat. These experiences appeal to the true adrenaline junkies.

    Fly with a Fighter Pilot
    Top Gun Air Combat
    Ultimate Aerobatics

  • Helicopter Flights

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    Helicopter Flights

    Explore Goodwood and the surrounding area with an aerial sightseeing tour.

    Aerial Estate Tour
    South Downs & Coastal

  • Flying Lessons

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    Flying Lessons

    Book your flying lessons on line – either the state of the art training aircraft, the Cessna or the more challenging and pilot’s favourite, the Piper Super Cub

    Cessna 30 minute Lesson
    Cessna 45 minute Lesson
    Cessna 60 minute Lesson
    Piper Super Cub 30 minute Lesson
    Piper Super Cub 45 minute Lesson
    Piper Super Cub 60 minute Lesson

Historic Flights

  • Harvard Warbird Experiences

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    Harvard Warbird Experiences

    See, hear and feel what it’s like to take control of this 550hp aircraft, just like WW2 pilots did over 60 years ago. There are two great experiences to choose from.

    Warbird Aviation Experience
    Harvard Fly & Dine

  • Flying through the Ages

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    Flying through the Ages is a unique full day experience for one person, which offers a rare chance to fly three distinctive aircraft, a private behind-the-scenes tour of the hangars plus an insight into the history of Goodwood Aerodrome. Please do bring a guest for your final flight in the Cessna.

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